Boiler demonstration

Try out your future boiler before you buy, at our Milton Keynes office

At our office in Milton Keynes we have a boiler demonstration room. This room is open to all our customers to come down and ‘Try out’ our most popular boilers.These boilers are connected to three different functioning showers, and a bath and basin, so you can also see the varying flow rates and pressures between all the different boilers.

You will also be able to see the different heating controls available to use with these including wireless and wired thermostats, magnetic sludge filters and scale reducers.
 This will help potential customers make a more informed choice about which boiler they choose.

Boilers in our demonstration room include Vaillant boilers, Ideal boilers and Glowworm boilers. We have combination and heat only boilers on display. 90% of our customers now opt for converting their heating systems to the combination boiler type.

Six reasons to choose Gasteam to carry out your boiler installation

1. A trusted name you can rely on.

With years of experience and extremely highly rated customer service, at Gasteam we’re confident we can provide you with the service you need. In return, you can have confidence in us knowing that our own in-house staff will be the ones to complete any work on your property – we don’t hire third party engineers for any of our jobs. We have also won awards for our environmentally friendly installation work, under schemes backed by the government. Click here for further information.

2.We are passionate about customer service and take customer service extremely seriously!

We are members of two independent customer satisfaction review companies, TrustPilot and Checkatrade. We have never had a bad review so far and we aim to keep it that way. We might on the odd occasion get something wrong (as we are only human) but we will always bend over backwards to put it right and leave a happy satisfied customer! Click here to see some of our reviews.

3.Test before you buy.

Test and see your chosen boiler before you buy. How it works, how noisy it is, how quickly it heats up the radiators the water pressure/flow rates it produces at the taps and showers. Its the only boiler illustration room of its kind in Milton keynes. Come in for a friendly informal chat over a cup of tea!

4. Fully qualified staff and engineers.

Many companies do not use their own engineers to complete the work their customers pay them to do. Instead, they often hire the cheapest possible third parties to come in and do the work, who aren’t necessarily qualified since the work is meant to be checked by a supervisor. At Gasteam we steer clear of cutting corners like this, since it’s dangerous and doesn’t give customers good value for money.

All the work we complete is done by our own fully trained engineers, most of whom are also qualified to carry out installation and maintenance work on everything from small domestic boiler repairs to large commercial boiler servicing. At our headquarters in Milton Keynes, we offer a lot of in-house training on the latest techniques and technologies to keep our staff up to date.

5. Organised, responsible and polite employees.

When you’re paying for a boiler service, we don’t believe you should end up cleaning up your home after our engineers have finished the job. Our staff always respect our customers and their properties, and will tidy up during the job as well as using dust sheets and shoe covers to protect your home from dust and damage. The only way you’ll be able to tell they were even there after a successful installation will be your brand new boiler.

6. What is the companies background and experience?

We have been installing boilers on behalf of Pizza Express, KFC and more. We’ve worked in small flats, houses, tower blocks, schools, offices, shops, restaurants. We carry out maintenance on behalf of Milton keynes council and have recently won contracts to carry out servicing and maintenance at all the community centres and pavilions in Milton Keynes.