Glowworm Flexicom 24kw

Fully Installed Boiler


Glow-worm’s Flexicom boiler is one of the most recent additions to their range boasting an A-rating. The 24kW edition is just one of the outputs we are able to supply at Gasteam.

This UK-made boiler (produced in Glow-worm’s Belper factory) is highly efficient and effective, cutting the ongoing costs of maintaining it as well as your energy bills. It features a simple and compact look that makes it easy to install wherever you need it. The rear flue option is a straightforward solution for installing this boiler in almost any property and existing system. For homes with high consumption of hot water, this option is ideally suitable especially when combined with a Glow-worm hot water storage cylinder.

If you’d like to find which boiler you need for your house click here to use our Boiler Calculator.

Features and benefits

  • Different options suitable even for households with high hot water demand
  • Slim and streamlined design for easy installation, fitting in a standard cupboard if required
  • Reliable design to reduce bills and maintenance costs
  • ErP boiler with A-rating for efficiency