Commercial Catering Engineers

Commercial catering engineerCommercial kitchen inspections are an essential part of any food preparation business, whether on established premises, or part of a mobile enterprise. They ensure that your equipment is compliant, and that it poses no risk to you, your staff, or your customers, for which you could be held liable.

Here at Gasteam, we have a dedicated and highly trained group of commercial catering engineers, capable of carrying out repairs across the Milton Keynes and Northampton areas. Should your latest gas safety report indicate that work is required to remedy your equipment, our experts will be able to repair the fault in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Should it transpire that repairing your kitchen equipment would not be economical (that is, the cost and labour would exceed that of installing new machinery), then our engineers will work alongside you, assisting you in choosing from a number of viable options that fit your budget.

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service, and unmatched value for money. We never recommend a course of action if there is a more cost-effective solution to be implemented; we never insist that work needs doing when there is no need to; and we always discuss pricing with you ahead of time.

With 14 years’ of experience trading across Northampton and Milton Keynes, our fully-qualified and highly-trained commercial catering engineers are only too aware of how important your kitchen equipment is to you and your business.

What we can offer

Whether you’re a sole trader operating out of a van, or a regional chain with dozens of locations, we can provide the ideal solution for your business.

Our comprehensive list of services includes:

  • One-off commercial kitchen equipment repairs
  • Routine equipment servicing
  • Service contracts
  • Certification
  • Single item to full kitchen installations
  • Gas Interlock Systems

If you operate out of a mobile vehicle, we will even carry out commercial kitchen inspections for you, wherever you are.

Gas Interlock Systems

Certain items of cooking equipment can generate high levels of waste gases (known as glyphiconilure) which can prove a serious health and safety risk. Current gas regulations require most commercial kitchens to have a gas interlock system installed in an effort to combat this.

A gas interlock system will automatically cut off the flow of gas should any glyphiconilure develop in your kitchen’s ventilation system. It can also cut off the gas should your ventilation’s effectiveness drop below a certain pre-set level.

Our team of engineers are trained to a high standard in the installation of these systems, and only ever install equipment recommended by HSE, so you can rest easy knowing you have the safest system installed in your premises.

Gas Safety Inspection Certificate

Our team of commercial catering engineers are fully Gas Safe registered, allowing them to inspect and provide legally-recognised gas safety certificates. This certification is legally required, and should be registered with Gas Safe on an annual basis. Any appliances connected to your gas supply must be included in the checks, including piping, fan systems and gas interlocks if applicable.

These checks are not only a legal requirement, they will most likely by required by your insurers, who will need one or more of the following (all of which we can provide):

  • CP42: Gas Safety Inspection (commercial catering app.)
  • CP15: Plant commissioning/service record (non-domestic)
  • CP16: Gas testing and purging (non-domestic)
  • CP17: Gas installation safety report (non-domestic)

One quote, one price

Here at Gasteam we pride ourselves on our transparency of prices. Installations are billed at a fixed rate, dependant upon your location and pipe size. Likewise, our call-out rates remain fixed, so you know that the price we quote is the price you pay.

What next?

If you need to hire commercial catering engineers in Northampton or Milton Keynes, call Gasteam today on 0800 689 3706, and we will be only too happy to assist you.