Gasteam commercial – Servicing projects for our biggest clients

gasteam commercial servicing projects for our biggest clientsAt Gasteam we have over 15 years of experience providing plumbing and gas solutions. Most of our customers may need our help with household boilers, but we’re now doing more than ever before with our commercial boiler service.

Gasteam Commercial Ltd is run by our expert team who are dedicated to providing boiler installation services, repairs and maintenance specifically for our business customers. Our services also include 24-hour call out and bespoke installations for commercial and public sector clients, so we’ve been pretty busy recently building up our great reputation.

In January we were collaborating with Luton Airport and their maintenance team, servicing their eight industrial-size Hoval boilers. To give you some idea of the scale, our commercial boiler services are normally for any boiler with an output of 70kw or over. Luton’s garden-shed-sized boilers have an output of 650kw each, which is enough to provide heating and hot water for an entire street!

In March, we were called out to Whittlebury Hall in Towcester where the hotel and spa were left without hot water or heating for hundreds of rooms. Luckily we were able to avert disaster, working throughout the day on their Hoval commercial boilers until everything was running smoothly.

Our commercial catering engineers have also been hard at work for some big names recently. We offer a vast range of services from one-off repairs for small cafes to fully customised kitchen installations for UK restaurant chains. Yo Sushi! is just one of the commercial catering clients we’ve been helping out this year – we hope to be working with other big business partners on exciting projects in the near future.