Gasteam’s Summer of Service to Milton Keynes Council

gasteam business partnersIt’s certainly been a busy year for us here at Gasteam, though it was over the summer months that we really found ourselves diving into some exciting new projects. Along with our usual customer services and on-going commitments, we were also delighted to enter into an important new partnership with Milton Keynes Council. Having picked up on our unrivalled reputation for getting the job done properly, affordably and with minimal disruption, we were selected to help the local Council out with a pretty extensive list of jobs around the city.

And given the fact that we’re happiest when we’re busy…well, let’s just say the new agreement made us all very happy indeed!


Proudly Serving the Community

We’ve always taken real pride in putting something back into the community, taking on any jobs that come our way with the benefit of locals in mind. In this instance, Milton Keynes Council asked us to take charge of a series of important commercial boiler serving jobs across the summer holiday, at a string of the region’s most important community centres. In total, we stacked up an impressive 35 boilers serviced at every key community centre in the city.

We’re sure you’d agree, that’s really not bad going for a summer holiday’s work!

Along with getting to grips with a wave of important boiler repairs and serving jobs across the region, we were also tasked to do about a handful of brand new boiler installations at some of the city’s leading centres and venues. One of the main jobs was a commercial boiler installation at Furzon Community Centre, which we covered along with a much-needed new system installation Windmill Hill Golf Club in Bletchley.

Another important job we tackled during the summer break was a series of important commercial boiler repairs at the main Central Milton Keynes Library. So we like to think we’ve done our bit in keeping both its staff and visitors warm and cosy while the winter weather’s doing its thing!


Any Job, Any Time

Here at Gasteam, we’re immensely proud of the community work we carry out and offer every one of our customers the same list of guarantees. Outstanding results, affordable prices and the friendliness of a hard-working team with a real passion for what we do.

Whatever the job, whatever its size and however urgently you need it doing, we promise our total commitment from start to finish.

For more information on the services available, get in touch with Gasteam today on 01908 760306.