Nest Thermostats – The Future of Boiler Control?

Image courtesy of Nest Thermostat.

Image courtesy of Nest Thermostat.

For over a decade now, Gasteam has been providing commercial and domestic clients across Milton Keynes with superior-quality boiler installation and repair services. We’ve built a strong reputation on the back of total commitment to customer satisfaction, outstanding performance and guaranteed value for money on everything we do.

But at the same time, we’re always looking to enhance and evolve our catalogue of products and services, in order to continually improve what we do. Which is why we’re proud to say that we are now installing Nest thermostats alongside new boilers – considered to be the future of boiler control for the United Kingdom.

Total Control

If you haven’t already come across the idea, the Nest thermostat effectively converts the smartphone in your pocket into a remote thermostat for your home or property. No matter where you are, you’re able to check the temperature of your property in an instant, simply by opening the app on your device.

Not only this, but you also have full control over your thermostat at all times. From anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, you can switch your boiler on or off, adjust your heating and generally enjoy total control over your property’s temperature. If there’s a sudden cold snap, turn it up a few degrees to avoid frozen pipes. If it’s unseasonably warm, turn the temperature down to save energy. Or perhaps simply switch the heating on a few hours before you’re due to return after a long trip, in order to ensure your property is comfortably warm when you arrive.

Nest is the kind of smart home heating that will soon become the nation’s new standard – and is available right now from Gasteam.

Try Before Buying

If you’d like to get a closer look to see what all the fuss is about, we currently have two functioning Nest thermostats in our boiler demonstration room so customers can also try them before buying. To date, we’ve fitted the new technology in dozens of properties and can honestly say that those making the switch to Nest have always been blown away by the results.

It’s the kind of small change that really can make a real difference!

For more information or to arrange a free quotation, get in touch with Gasteam today on 0800 689 3706.