Power flushing and it’s benefits

powerflushingYou want everything in your home to run as smoothly as possible. That is especially true for the things that have something to do with you and your family’s comfort and convenience. A good example of that is the condition of the heaters within your home.

At Gasteam, we are committed to helping our customers with their heating, gas, and plumbing problems. We’ve been doing that since 1998 so we know our craft and our many satisfied customers over the years can attest to that. We take extreme pride in our professionalism. Our engineers, plumbers, and everyone in the company will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. You’ll get to experience that once we provide you with one of our most popular services, such as power flushing.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is an effective cleaning process used to clear the central heating system of rust, sludge, and other debris. During this process, the system is forcibly cleansed with low pressure, high velocity water. This is to ensure that no physical damage is done to the whole system. The parts of the system cleaned include the radiators, pipe work, boilers, and cylinders.


What are the benefits of power flushing? There are, in fact, many. First of all, it will allow your system to keep working at its maximum level of efficiency. The process removes any sludge deposits that may have built up over time and usage. Power flushing also helps in protecting from any potential damage in the future.

The following are more of the benefits that you could enjoy:

  • Helps improve the overall quality and efficiency of the central heating within your home.
  • Prolongs boiler and radiator use.
  • Quiets down the system.
  • Helps save on as much as 25% of your power bills.
  • Water circulation becomes better.
  • Radiators are hotter.
  • Boiler trouble is reduced.
  • A fast and simple alternative as it can be finished within a single day.

If you feel that your system needs to be cleaned using this process, call us at Gasteam and we’ll do the job for you. We’ll manage it quickly and professionally. So if there is a need for powerflushing in Milton Keynes or powerflushing in Watford, or in the areas of Bedford, Dunstable, and Luton, please get in touch. Because we’re the top central heating people in the UK.