Working Side By Side With the Local Council

local councilHere at Gasteam, we’re all about working with the local authorities to put a little something back into the community, when and where possible. Though much of what we do focuses on commercial and industrial jobs, we’re also proud to work closely with Milton Keynes Council to tackle a wide variety of jobs for the benefit of the local community.

Needless to say, this is exactly the time year when faulty boilers and breakdowns aren’t exactly the most desirable of scenarios. We’re hardly blessed with the warmest weather at the best of times – dealing with a dodgy boiler in the depths of winter really can be an unmitigated nightmare!

That’s why the team at the main library in Central Milton Keynes contacted Gasteam immediately, when one of the building’s three primary commercial boilers began throwing a tantrum. And we’re happy to say we came, we saw and we very much conquered! We identified the problem in no time, replaced the broken part and had the whole thing up and running before it had time to cause any real problems.

Along with taking care of the town’s libraries, we also currently carry out commercial boiler servicing and safety checks at all the community centres in Milton Keynes on behalf of MK Council. We’re often called upon to give things an intensive going over, just to make sure everything’s safe, sound and suitable for purpose – especially during the winter.

Following our gas safety inspection at the Furzton Community Centre for example, the boilers in use that were somewhat on the aged side were found to be unsafe. We reported this to the Council, after which the decision was made to replace the boilers for the sake of staff and customers alike – a job we tackled with our trademark enthusiasm!

The way we see it, there can be no better endorsement for what we do than the on-going faith and trust of the local council. We take such enormous pride in doing our ‘bit’ to look after the interests of the local community – we’re hardly changing the world, but we’re certainly making it warmer!

We offer boiler servicing packages from as little as £60, boiler repairs starting at £50 and full boiler installation packages from just £1,300. So no matter who you are, what you need or what kind of budget you have to play with, Gasteam has you covered.

For more information or to arrange a free quotation, get in touch with Gasteam today on 0800 689 3706.