Landlords Gas Safety Checks

gas saftey certificates

Landlord Gas Safety Checks & Certificates in Milton Keynes & Northampton

At Gasteam, we take safety seriously when dealing with gas and plumbing, for the protection of our customers and our staff, including our engineers who are all officially qualified to carry out inspections for gas safety.

In the UK, it is a legal requirement for landlords to ensure all gas appliances and systems are checked thoroughly at least once a year, and this law has been in place for over 20 years. The landlord must have a gas safety certificate confirming the results of the most recent check, which we at Gasteam are qualified to provide.

What does a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection include?

  • Basic household boiler safety inspection
  • Ensure there are no gas leaks in pipework or boiler
  • Check both working and standing pressure rates via suitable test points
  • Compare burner pressure and gas rate with standard guidelines
  • Ensure the required ventilation is in place and working
  • Ensure flue is working correctly without any residue
  • Test flame failure procedure to ensure everything is in working order
  • Check for any outstanding safety issues and inform the property
  • Owner or manager of anything that needs attention

Completion of Gas safety record, emailed to you on the same day.

Note: A landlord gas safety inspection is similar to a car MOT-No repair or maintenance work is carried out, it is a safety inspection ONLY. It is not a substitute for a ‘boiler service’.

Gasteam offers gas safety checks across Milton Keynes, Northampton and the surround areas. Call us today on 0800 689 3706, and let us assist you.