Central Heating Powerflushing in Milton Keynes & Northampton

The build up of sludge in hot water central heating systems is inevitable, no matter what fuel source is used.

Over a period of time this sludge can block pipes and prevent the radiators from distributing heat around your house. Sludge can also seriously affect the efficiency of your central heating system; it will lead to higher fuel bills and can bring forward the time when you need to replace some or all of the system.

Is your central heating noisy? are there cold spots on your radiators, it’s probable that the water in your heating system has accumulated sludge, rust, scale and other debris. This lowers boiler efficiency and increases your heating bills. Powerflushing removes these deposits and the problems that they cause.

Power flushing is a technique that can thoroughly clean out your heating pipework to make sure it’s back to working as effectively and efficiently as possible. It involves water (sometimes mixed with appropriate cleansing or mobilising agents to increase the effect) being blasted through the system at high speed. Power flushing is done at low pressure, however, to ensure there is no damage done to the heating pipes.

Usually it’s advisable to use power flushing right before a new boiler is installed, as this will help stop problems from occurring in the system later as well as fixing any you didn’t even know were there. Sludge build-up or corrosion may occur with no obvious signs until they are either flushed out or gradually cause major issues later.

Making changes to an existing system, such as changing any pipes or installing a new boiler, can often trigger underlying problems to get worse. In many cases, debris lurking in the pipework will end up clogging up the new heat exchanger and limiting the effectiveness of your brand new boiler, as well as making it more dangerous due to a higher risk of breakdown. This is why power flushing comes highly recommended.

The objective is to restore systems with circulation and boiler noise problems (caused by sludge and corrosion deposits) to optimum operation. Power flushing removes these deposits and the problems that they cause;

Are you experiencing the following?

  • Cold spots in radiators
  • Loud banging noises from the boiler
  • Noisy pipes due to restrictions
  • Radiator cold at top
  • Radiator cold at bottom
  • Blocked pipes & valves due to sludge or limescale
  • Boiler cutting out due to damaged or blocked pump
  • Dirty brown or black water present when bleeding radiators
  • Little or no hot water due to blocked pipes and heat exchanges

With a powerflush you will achieve:

  • A more efficient systems
  • Better circulation
  • Faster heat-up
  • Up to 25% saving on fuel bills
  • Lime scale protection
  • Quieter system

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